Maple Ridge Shoreline Cleanup

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Update:  This event was very successful!

We hosted a shoreline cleanup in Maple Ridge in July 2019. We have identified key shorelines which are being treated as garbage dumps. These shorelines are along the edge of the Fraser River and Kanaka Creek.

These are amazing, critical eco-systems right in our backyard. We need to act now, plastic trash is falling into the waterways every day.

The mouth of Kanaka Creek is just ~40Km from the open waters of Georgia Straight. Orca whales were seen there just this June. As we release salmon fry with our kids at the Bell Irving Hatchery at Cliff falls, we may not be thinking about the condition of the places we are sending them.

One of our affected areas is inhabited by folks who do not have disposal or recycling facilities available to them, which is a contributing factor we are committed to overcoming.

Our solution is 3 fold:

  1. We will clean the affected areas of toxic garbage, sort it, recycle what we can.
  2. We will supply recycling bins and garbage cans for the affected areas.
  3. We will return on a weekly basis to exchange the bins.

We are seeking ten adult volunteers who are willing to become members to assist with the cleanup. We need to raise $120 for the cost of bins.  Once you become a member, more information about the event will be available on this page.

Download the pdf information flyer below for more information!

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