Danika urges Maple Ridge City Council to move on Plastics Ban

In her first act of community engagement, Danika took to Maple Ridge City Council in an effort to re-raise the question of a potential single-use plastics ban in the community.

Danika is going to come back to council on July 9th, 2019, with a more specific set of questions.

We have some great ideas to present to the City that can help address the issues Danika raised at council, and others that are important to her and everyone at Plastic Battle

  • While the federal ban is good, it will be many years before the effect trickles down to having an impact on the trash in our local waterways. We must not wait and let the damage continue, actions need to be taken immediately. The city should encourage cleanup efforts.
  • The commercial entities that sell the most single-use plastics in our community do not provide recycling facilities around their locations. The zoning / planning department, in cooperation with the bylaws department, should regulate the usage of green waste and recycling around these establishments. The city of Burnaby's Solid Waste and Recycling Bylaw #12875 is a good example of policy. Look in a 2 block radius around all our local 7-Elevens, Tim-Hortons, and Starbucks, you will find our water diversion channels, sall streams, and sidewalks are paved with branded trash. The source providers should help fund these efforts, voluntarily or otherwise.
  • help City Council to create and approve a Climate Emergency Report similar this report and its declaration in the City of Vancouver
  • recommend traffic pattern changes and projects to help transition away from motorized transport, such as "walk to school" initiatives, expanded cycling routes and connection to other community routes, traffic bypassing and traffic calming efforts.

As a member of PlasticBattle, you can help work with us on our proposals to the city, join us at the council meetings to show your support, or help us with petitions or other types of community activism.

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