Plastic Battle is a non-profit, member-funded society based in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  We are a group of students, families, individuals, and businesses taking actions to accelerate the transition away from single-use plastics, microplastics, and similar forms of pollution.

Anyone can become a member and join the battle, or come act in person at one of our shoreline cleanup events

Plastic Battle was founded in 2019 by Maple Ridge students Aiden Royer and Danika Konishi, and their parents.  

Danika Konishi
Danika Konishi, 11
Aiden Royer
Aiden Royer, 11

Aiden and Danika have been exploring the forests, mountains, rivers and shorelines of the lower mainland for many years. Together they have summited our local peaks such as Cheam and Golden Ears, where they saw just how connected and important their environment is. They are fed up with seeing plastics and other toxic waste on their trails and in their rivers. Have you had enough? Join the battle.



PlasticBattle is a member-funded Society. If you agree with what we're doing, or want to help us, the best way to do that is to become a member. Memberships directly fund the community events and work that we are doing. Local events will be a mix of active cleanup efforts, education,  and community engagement.

Memberships will have perks! Members are invited to community events, have access to sustainable product deals, and receive our newsletter.  Members have the opportunity to suggest projects and efforts of the PlasticBattle society.

Free Memberships:

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Paid Memberships:

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As business owners, choosing sustainable alternatives is seen as an extra operating expense. By leveraging social influence, it can instead be a major business boost.

Business members will have their waste reduction efforts celebrated on social media, encouraging the public to vote with their wallet.

Pro Business members will have voting rights in the society, and will also have access to student-led post-consumer waste audits.

  • What will your business look like, post-plastic?
  • How will the transition affect your bottom line?
  • How can you leverage the changes you've already made?

Join #PlasticBattle to turn the expense into opportunity.

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- Take the Pledge
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Are you a school group, club, or other organization? We'd love to work with you!


Letter to 7-Eleven Canada: Help us stop Single Use

Our community is on the edge of the Fraser River and is bisected by many ecologically crucial rivers and streams. The fraser river is one of the largest salmon spawning rivers in the world. The Fraser Delta is the largest estuary on the Pacific Coast of Canada, which supports the highest densities of waterbirds, shorebirds, and raptors in Canada.

Keto, Paleo, Plastic? What’s in your diet?

“Annual global production of 350 million tonnes in 2017 makes plastic the third most abundant human-made material after steel and concrete” The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, in its opinion report to the EU titled “Environmental and Health Risks of MicroPlastic Pollution” Since microplastics have been found all over the food chain, it’s reasonable to …


We are destroying our planet's life systems. It's time to change our habits with single-use plastics.

Local Cleanups

Our Government might ban single use plastics, someday. But that won't do anything for the billions of tons of plastic already discarded in our delicate ecosystems. Some of that garbage is on the shores of our local rivers, lakes, and oceans. Some of it is on the sides of trails we hike, or even at your local bus stop. You can complain about it, or you can do something about it. For that reason, our simplest action is straight up picking up trash.

Local cleanups will be posted on our events calendar. These will consist of cleaning up waterways, parks, and other natural areas affected by trash and plastics.

Upcoming Cleanup Events:

We have discovered that this activity is contagious. When people see us picking up trash, they join in. When people see clean areas, they are less likely to litter there. In this way, the effort is much farther reaching than just the trash we are picking up. It's a social change, and it makes a real, measurable impact.

Please Contact Us if you know of an area that needs to be cleaned up, or if you want help to organize your own cleanup effort.


We seek to engage the next generation of adults, and help amplify their voices as they communicate to the community and to their government what their expectations are.

By connecting the consumers of plastic with the producers, we will find creative solutions. As a group we have a common goal, and we don't need to wait for our politicians to take actions and make a real, tangible difference.

We are working with high-school students to provide waste audits for local businesses. The students will work with the business owners to implement cost-neutral changes to the business' processes or supply chain. The students will then leverage social influence to expand the impact of the changes, benefiting the students, the business, and the environment.


We attend community events, such as farmer's markets and exhibitions, with a goal to educate and be educated. We engage producers and consumers to share challenges, solutions, and successes.

We have a special interest in young consumers, and provide fun ways for them to learn where plastic comes from, what are (and aren't) justifiable uses, and how to identify different plastic types.

We believe that when armed with the facts, youth will make positive decisions.

Social Activism

Some companies are large enough that the impact of their changes could be monumental.

  • What if Starbucks switched to biodegradable containers?
  • What if Corporations were motivated to own their post-consumer waste?

Our strategy in this area is to combine real effort with social activism. For example, we may take all the branded garbage from our cleanup efforts and show it to the producer, and work with them to find solutions.

Purchasing Power

We are working with local manufacturers to leverage group buying power, with a goal to bring the cost of alternative products on par with disposables, while boosting the producer's brand awareness.

If you are a local producer of an eco-friendly product that displaces a single-use item, We'd like to work with you! Contact US!

By teaming up, we can accelerate the transition.  Join us!

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